Favorite Links


~ My favorite websites; a compilation of sites I've grown to appreciate over the years.
Some serious, some not, some artistic, some hot,
some inspirational, some stress relievers ~

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  • 2009 Paterson Art Walk ...this Saturday, May 30th from 10a.m. - 10p.m. Over 23 locations, off Cianci Street (location of the Lou Costello Monument) from South of Memorial Drive to to just North of Grand Street and Route 19, including Center City.

  • Janet O'Neil

  • Hickory Tree on MyCentralJersey.com

  • The Alternative Press: 25th Regional Medal

  • Joe Coco

  • George Martin, Inspiration

  • Hickory Tree Chorus Chapter, SAI Region #15

  • Animal Rescue (and more)

  • FPC (a work-in-progress)

  • Ideal Bite


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